10 Best Family SUVs of 2017

Kia Sportage
SUVs are huge, realistic and a maximum of them are capable of off-road use, which makes them the maximum flexible cars on this planet. Due to the reality, they have got massive dimensions, and a number of them can accommodate up to eight passengers, these vehicles are dealt with like a circle of relatives automobiles. The first issue you need to understand is that no longer all SUVs are family vehicles, because now not they all are similarly sensible and have capabilities that own family want. Here are the first-rate SUVs for families that are available on the market proper now.

Top 10 Family SUVs in 2017

1. Volvo XC90 ($45,000)

Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90 is the most secure circle of relatives SUV available on the market. Another high-quality reality approximately this version is that it may accommodate 8 passengers, so it’s miles suitable for huge families. The engine in this version is 2.0L and it produces 316 HP. However, there is a hybrid model, with 80 HP electric powered motor that will increase the full energy. Four-wheel drives permit to this model for use in all conditions and in all terrains, which makes it very sensible.

2. Honda Pilot ($31,000)

Honda Pilot ($31,000)

This is some other fantastic circle of relatives SUV automobiles. It has 3.5L, V6 engine, producing 280HP and all-wheel pressure. In addition, this is one of the nice cars when it comes to space inside, and it is very comfortable. The range of protection functions is lots better than comparable fashions should offer, so this is a safe car. Due to the truth, it has sufficient room for 7 passengers, this model is best for bigger households.

3. Subaru Forester ($23,500)

Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester is probably the maximum not unusual own family SUV at the roads of maximum counties. It offers a great aggregate of the charge, off-avenue skills, and fuel efficiency. An interesting addition is a fact this version can be driven off-road with no issues, so it’s far a splendid preference if you need a car that may be driven throughout difficult terrain. The engine on this version is 2.0L and it produces 250 HP, that’s more than enough, in case you recollect that the scale isn’t very massive.

4. Toyota Highlander ($34,000)

Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander has all capabilities that an own family wishes, consisting of fuel efficiency, space for 8 passengers, protection features and one of the best practicality you could get. Keep in mind that that is family SUV with third-row seating as properly, so it’s far a higher desire than family SUVs with sufficient room for five passengers. The fee isn’t very excessive, compared to comparable models, so this vehicle is a wise investment. The engine is 3.7L and it produces 280HP, which isn’t very tons, but it has one of the exceptional gas intakes within the class.

5. Lincoln MKX ($40,000)

Lincoln MKX

Lincoln MKX is the first-rate SUV for its own family of 5 virtually as it offers sufficient space, it’s miles not pricey and it isn’t very costly. On the other facet, this car has a distinctive and exciting design, so it’s far an extraordinary preference if you need to have a bit distinct circle of relatives SUV. The engine produces 303HP and it’s far paired with a 6 tools automated transmission. Front-wheel power is obtainable as a preferred model, but the all-wheel force is to be had as properly.

6. GMC Terrain ($25,000)

GMC Terrain

This automobile is an actual American vehicle, so it has huge dimensions, it is extraordinarily cushty, however, it’s miles heavy and isn’t very agile. The preferred model has front-wheel drive and 182HP, which isn’t enough, due to the reality this is a massive vehicle. Luckily, a 301HP and all-wheel pressure are supplied as an alternative. This vehicle has to be on our listing truly due to the fact it’s far cushty, practical however relatively cheap.

7. Kia Sportage ($23,800)

Kia Sportage

If you’re planning to shop for your own family SUV with the right gas mileage, this model is ideal for you. It is economical, low-priced, but has a modern design and today’s functions. The engine produces 181HP or 240HP, relying on a model you have selected. The all-wheel force is to be had, as an alternative and it increases the fee of this automobile for $1,500. Keep in mind that that is a small SUV, so there may be enough room for 5 passengers.

8. Mazda CX-9 ($31,000)

Mazda CX-9

Mazda CX-nine can be one of the maximum popular circle of relatives SUVs in this yr. It has 250 HP, which isn’t too much, but the torque of 310 lb-feet is available at three.000RPM, which makes this automobile very clean and exceptional to force. Other capabilities are standard for Mazda vehicles, so you get the entirety you want, however not anything extra. An interesting function is a head-up display that makes this automobile exceptional than other fashions from this fee range.

9. Nissan Armada ($39,500)

Nissan Armada

Nissan Armada can be to be had within the summer season and it comes with several enhancements. The maximum critical truth is that this car has enough room for 8 passengers, and it is very sensible, which makes it a terrific circle of relatives SUV. On the other aspect, the interior is simple and it looks out of date. The engine is V8, producing 317HP, which is the right combination of strength and gas efficiency. This model is likewise famous for towing talents, so if this selection you are trying to find, this car is the best desire.

10. Audi Q7 ($55,750)

Audi Q7

With the modern-day features, astonishing layout and air suspension (optional) Q7 is an extremely good desire for every own family. It may be very snug and it offers space for 7 passengers. The engine is three.0L and it produces 333 HP. Due to the fact this model is light-weight, it’s far very agile and using its miles a real pleasure. On the alternative aspect, the fee is a bit better than similar models have to provide and the gap on the 3rd row is an issue. In addition, the design is present-day and thrilling, but this isn’t an excellent looking automobile.

2017 Midsize SUV Comparison – Kelley Blue Book

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