10 Best Used Cars Under $5000 for 2019

2009 Scion xD ($4,000-$4,500)

You may additionally believe that the quality and the maximum reliable automobiles will fee you a whole lot of money. Although that is generally genuine, there’s a manner you may purchase dependable vehicles beneath $five,000. If you are searching out a vehicle like this, it’s miles mandatory to don’t forget that now not all used motors need to be considered. That’s why we’re here and we are able to help you get a concept about the satisfactory vehicles beneath $5,000. All of the cars on our listing are used automobiles, but they nonetheless have lots of lifestyles in them. You may think it’s difficult to discover an automobile to your fee variety, however, we’re here to reveal you that the car of your goals is probably hiding right across the corner!

The 10 Best Used Cars Under $5,000 (2019)

1.  2009 Chevrolet Malibu ($4,500-$5,000)

2009 Chevrolet Malibu ($four,500-$five,000)

Chevrolet Malibus can be visible all around the roads, but 2009 become the primary yr stability control became trendy system on the bottom version. This midsize sedan has sufficient space for your own family, so long as you have got more youthful youngsters sitting within the backseat. As you may assume with most sedans, the back can get cramped quite without problems if you’re looking to set up a carpool for work.

The Malibu is a reliable vehicle that is nevertheless being produced at the moment. The protection score is, however, pretty low for a sedan, so ensure you do your research before committing.

2.   2009 Pontiac Vibe ($4,500-$5000)

 2009 Pontiac Vibe ($four,500-$5000)

The Pontiac Vibe acquired its properly-deserved redesign in 2009, which made the compact hatchback right into a greater subtle piece of equipment. The vehicle has an above-common fuel economic system, superb scoring in safety and reliability, and it’s the perfect vehicle for the family.

The base model of the automobile doesn’t come with a ton of well-known functions, however, it shouldn’t be hard to find a few higher trims for approximately the same rate point. If you’re capable of lock one down with some additional capabilities, you’ll be searching at all-wheel-force, air conditioning, cruise manipulate, and in all likelihood more to go together with the car’s roomy indoors.

3.   2009 Ford Fusion ($4,500-$5,000)

 2009 Ford Fusion ($four,500-$5,000)

The 2009 Ford Fusion is a dream for everybody looking to get their palms on an inexpensive vehicle. With exquisite scores in protection and reliability, low fees for maintenance, lots of first-rate trims to pick out from with extra capabilities, and lots of space, this is without difficulty one of the first-class vehicles to be had on the rate point.

Depending on the wide variety of dealers around you and the popularity of the automobile to your region, you would possibly even be able to snag one with a complete infotainment system for beneath $5,000.

4.  2007 Subaru Outback ($4,500-$5,000)

2007 Subaru Outback ($four,500-$five,000)

The Subaru Outback is a completely popular automobile across the country due to its safety, reliability, and area. While a version from 2007 is probable to have a respectable number of miles on it, these vehicles have been built to ultimate. It may not have all of the luxurious of some of the alternative motors on this listing, but in case you’re looking for a strong car for the own family, you’ve observed one.

If you live in a place wherein climate can be a constant threat, the Outback has a general all-wheel-power system that will help you from getting stuck. Plus, the added space within the back of the automobile will make any street journey a breeze.

5. 2009 Scion xD ($4,000-$4,500)

2009 Scion xD ($4,000-$4,500)

If you’re looking to be a delegated driving force for a member of the family or pals, this might now not be the automobile for you. The Scion xD is a very compact vehicle that works great for one or two passengers, and whilst you can’t use the car to transport a soccer crew, it does include an above-average fuel economy and greater well-known features than most automobiles in this list.

If you’re going to be riding on my own most of the time and you’re looking to get a low cost car with notable gas mileage and some additional features, the Scion xD is worth taking into account.

6.   2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser ($4,000-$4,500)

  2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser ($four,000-$four,500)

While you may not locate it to be the most appealing vehicle on the face of the planet, the Chrysler PT Cruiser is a very stable pick out for a low priced vehicle. With top-notch reliability rankings and a low charge factor for older used models, you really can’t go incorrect if you see this type of up on the market.

Although the bottom model has an under common indoors aesthetic, the automobile is cushty to pressure around for lengthy intervals of time. If you do need to upgrade the general look of the indoors, higher best trims come up with getting admission to more facilities, but that everyone relies upon to your budget.

7.    2005 Toyota Sienna ($3,500-$4,000)

2005 Toyota Sienna ($3,500-$4,000)

While the bulk of dependable vehicles under $5,000 tend to be sedans, there are a few exceptions. The first of which is the 2005 Toyota Sienna. If you have got a family, or you’re seeking to begin one, this automobile may want to without difficulty be the one for you. Safety and reliability are two stuff you gained’t must worry approximately, and believe me once I tell you this car could have lots of area for each person.

There aren’t a ton of alternatives to be had for customers, but you might be capable of select one up with all-wheel-drive if the weather is a difficulty in your location. Aside from that, that is easily one of the first-rate circle of relatives-oriented automobiles you can clutch for the feed point.

8.  2007 Ford Escape ($3,500-$4,000)

2003 Acura TL ($three,000-$3,500)

If an SUV is more your speed, appearance no further than the 2007 Ford Escape. Escapes are everywhere, and in case you look tough enough, you could even be capable of find a more moderen model for below $five,000 if the 07’s aren’t catching your hobby. If you’re looking for size and a low value for maintenance, this vehicle reigns very best on our listing.

As you could count on with all Ford, upkeep are reasonably-priced and easy, and the automobile is constructed to remaining. You’ll, in reality, get your money’s really worth with the Escape, and legroom will never be a problem.

9. 2009 Honda Civic ($3,500-$4,000)

2009 Honda Civic ($three,500-$4,000)

While you were analyzing from the start of the listing up to now, I’m sure at least one Civic has already driven beyond anywhere you are proper now. They’re one of the maximum famous motors within the country, which means they’re very smooth to search out. Not best will they be smooth to shop for, however you’ll additionally have lots of alternatives. You ought to find a coupe, sedan, or maybe a hybrid version for underneath $5,000 quite without problems.

The 2009 model is brilliant for reliability and safety, but if you need greater options, experience loose to have a look at 2010 models as well. They is probably a little higher priced, but with sufficient digging, you may come upon a gem for below $five,000.

10. 2003 Acura TL ($3,000-$3,500)

2009 Honda Civic ($three,500-$4,000)

The 2003 Acura TL has been around for a while, however that would simply be a blessing in a hide. If you’re searching out a sedan, the TL comes with a V6 engine and you can grasp masses of other improvements for under $5,000 as properly. Since Honda manufacturers Acura cars, you know the reliability and cost of maintenance gained’t be an issue both.

The car isn’t the latest or the flashiest at the list, but you may possibly get the maximum enhancements on this car for the charge range. If you can find one with decent mileage and masses of features, it’s genuinely worth taking a serious have to look at.


All of those vehicles will close for a long time, but best in case you pick an appropriate one. Although those automobiles are very dependable, you continue to need to do your research and make sure you choose a car that fits your desires. Stay far away from motors over two hundred,000 miles, ask plenty of questions, and don’t be afraid to preserve searching around if there aren’t amazing offers around you. These automobiles are all pretty commonplace and extra will cross up for sale very quickly!




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