10 Safest Used Cars For Teens Under $10000

Mazda3 (2011-2013)
While choosing a car for teens, safety tends to be of paramount importance. However, it can now not be financially feasible for maximum dad and mom to shop for their children a present-day automobile with all of the modern protection gear available.And this is exactly where used motors with a record of being safe and reliable come in. If you take the effort to do some studies, you may be able to discover pretty a few vehicles that not only provide an amazing stage of safety, however also price nicely below $10,000.With that stated, here’s a rundown of the ten safest used cars for teenagers that also boast an amazing normal overall performance.

1. Chevy Malibu (2009-2012)

Chevy Malibu (2009-2012)

The Chevy Malibu is assumed to be one of the safest vehicles for teens. Its reliability and handling appear to be second to none within the fee variety, specifically if you control to find one in a fairly exact condition.

Your pleasant wager would probably be to get any of the 2009-2012 fashions. They now not best price well under $10,000, but also generally tend to carry out tremendous for a used automobile.

Coming to some of the capabilities of the Malibu that are worthy of your attention, let us let you know that except a super level of protection, it’s also very quiet, snug and is derived with an impressively nicely-completed interior.

The controls are very trustworthy, making the automobile an excellent higher alternative for brand spanking new drivers. The Malibu additionally returns a fairly excellent 25 mpg overall, and lets in the driver to adjust the steering and pedals for attaining. This makes it one of the most comfortable vehicles for shorter or taller teens, who may additionally in any other case locate the “match” a little less snug.

The engine, besides supplying the said gasoline financial system, is likewise responsive and delicate. What else are you able to ask for in a used automobile for a teenager?

2. Ford Focus (2009-2011)

Ford Focus (2009-2011)

The Ford Focus is one of the smaller motors in this list. However, it’s one of the most secure used motors under $10,000, because it comes with pretty lots the whole lot that makes riding a breeze.

While it’s a laugh to journey, it also gives a unique seating function to make it simpler for teens to plot in advance and get a great view of the street. This on my own significantly improves driving protection.

It’s also pretty roomy, in particular within the backseat, where it can accommodate very with ease. Some of the fashions include a non-compulsory Sync machine, allowing teenagers to use their phones without taking their fingers off the steerage wheel. However, the identical cannot be said approximately those that include the MyFord Touch manage a machine, as it’s as an alternative distracting.

As a long way, because the gasoline economy is involved, you simply wouldn’t mind the blended 29 mpg. The 2009-2011 fashions are the excellent ones to head for, and if you’re fortunate you will be able to locate one in the quite right circumstance for as low as around $7,000.

The handiest component that you can now not like about the Focus is the particularly reasonably-priced indoors.

3. Ford Fusion (2010-2012)

Ford Fusion (2010-2012)

There’s a cause the Ford Fusion is rated as one of the pinnacle 10 most secure automobiles of the year. It has been always performing notably in IIHS’ safety exams 12 months after yr, which without problems makes it one of the most secure automobiles for young adults.

Some of its key features consist of a high-quality journey great, responsible managing, Sync Bluetooth connectivity as well as voice commands. Some fashions also include the MyFord Touch machine, however, it’s now not advocated, especially for young adults as it can be distracting at the same time as driving.

While the Fusion in all likelihood doesn’t offer the type of ease of getting entry to controls as some of the other vehicles on this listing do, the controls are nonetheless pretty straightforward and simple. The seats, too, are snug, and the interior may be very roomy.

The four-cylinder engine is paired with a six-velocity automatic transmission, making it appreciably powerful when in comparison to most different used vehicles in the charge variety. However, it can additionally be a bit noisy, even though you furthermore might have the choice to go for a hybrid model – that is way extra highly-priced.

Finally, something across the $9,000 mark could be a truthful rate for a Ford Fusion version from 2009-2012 that’s nevertheless in good situation and gained require incurring frequent upkeep charges.

4. Hyundai Sonata (2006-2014)

Hyundai Sonata (2006-2014)

Would you anticipate to discover luxurious if you’re on a completely tight price range? Well, this is the thing approximately the Hyundai Sonata. You get a nearly luxurious midsize sedan for the cost of a small car, if not even lower.

It’s snug and quiet, and any of the fashions from 2006-2010 might include comfortable seats, smooth to get entry to and easy controls, and a fairly clean ride pleasant. The handling might not grow to be the quality for these fashions, even though, however, the protection would be there – which nevertheless makes them perfect for teenagers.

If you cross for a 2009 or later version, you will get a four-cylinder paired with a 5-speed computerized transmission. It would return a fuel financial system of 26 mpg usual, and in contrast to many other used motors, the acceleration might be exceptionally quiet.

The backseat might permit three pretty without difficulty, but the front seats may additionally get a touch uncomfortable in the course of lengthy trips. The 2011 or later versions, however, are available a special layout, that’s a little coupe-like and reputedly not very fashionable. But they nevertheless manage to offer the practicality, visibility and rear-seat room that a new motive force would need.

The engine of the later variants plays higher though and might return a barely better 27 mpg normal. As for the price, in case you don’t thoughts settling for considered one of the earlier variants, you may be capable of finding a Hyundai Sonata for just around $6,000. You may additionally seek tough sufficient for such costs, although.

5. Kia Soul (2010-2011)

Kia Soul (2010-2011)

Although no longer the pleasant at the spaciousness front, the Soul manages to offer the high-quality of both worlds – a whole lot of fashionable functions and more than enough protection features. It’s additionally very practical and has features such as hands-unfastened calling and UVO connection machine that lets in you to attach your cellphone and play songs from it.

The upright driving role helps get a clear view of the street, but you may emerge as facing a few rear blind zones as well because of poorly designed roof pillars.

The engine is responsive but loud, and the experience isn’t as smooth as some of the other vehicles on this list offer. However, its special character could enchantment more to youngsters than its competition, who look alternatively conventional and unimpressive while in comparison to the Soul. As for the price, something much less than $9,500 can be a fair bargain.

6. Mazda3 (2011-2013)

Mazda3 (2011-2013)

Apparently, it’s very hard to find a “perfect” used car. However, the Mazda3 is believed to be some to be as ideal as a used car can get, because it seems to be a winner on a maximum of the essential fronts. Ranging from coping with to fuel financial system to even the safety, the Mazda3 is difficult to beat as a used automobile.

There’s navigation, there are seat warmers and there’s Bluetooth connection as well. And it’s high-quality smooth coping with and compact size makes it ideal for young adults, as it is able to assist make it considerably simpler to get out of harm’s manner speedy.

The 2012 and later versions come with the Mazda’s popular Skyactiv engine, which facilitates it provides a fantastically suitable gas mileage of 32 mpg. However, those fashions are also substantially greater high priced.

It isn’t a very low-priced used automobile anyway, as it may commonly be priced simply underneath $10,000 or properly over it.

7. Mazda6i (2009-2013)

Mazda6i (2009-2013)

So we’ve another Mazda on the listing. However, this one’s unique. It has a sportier appearance and sense to it – something that maximum young adults might absolutely be thrilled with.

Apart from the attractive layout, the crisp journey exceptional, nimble coping with and short steering are some of the opposite crucial motives to recall the 6i. The controls are any other location where the 6i doesn’t disappoint, as the maximum of them are very sincere and easy. The equal can not be said about the radio controls, though, as they can be as a substitute inconvenient to get admission to, particularly in case you want to manage them now and again.

However, there also are a few different features that make the Mazda6i an extraordinary healthy for tall teens, in particular the lengthy seat cushion and the extraordinarily well-designed guidance wheel. And if you’re a parent that wants to be extra stable in your youngster, you may move for the blind-spot monitoring machine. It could take the protection to a whole new level for young drivers.

Apart from the downside, we pointed out above, there’s additionally the reality that it is able to be annoyingly loud even as using. If that’s now not something that bothers you, you may go ahead and get a Mazda 6i for well beneath $nine,500.

8. Toyota RAV4 (2004-2012)

Toyota RAV4 (2004-2012)

Surprised to peer an SUV on the listing? Well, while SUVs usually aren’t considered one of the most secure vehicles accessible – mainly for teens – there are a few exceptions. And the Toyota RAV4 is one of those uncommon ones.

With that out of the manner, allow us to let you know that the RAV4 is one of the roomiest motors on this listing, which isn’t always precisely surprising for the reason that it’s an SUV. However, what’s sudden is that it comes with very responsive and stable handling, and gives a remarkable fuel mileage for an SUV.

Then there’s also the Bluetooth connectivity gadget, allowing hands-free phone paring too. The fashionable all-wheel force, cushty seats, quite a few greater room for wearing stuff, and a substantially lower price are some of the other features that deliver the RAV4 a huge higher surrender a few of the different automobiles indexed on right here.

However, there are a couple of predominant downsides as nicely, and a totally great one is that if you opt for the 1/3 row, the protection might take a huge hit (and subsequently it’s now not encouraged to do so). Similarly, when driving inside the town, you will locate that the facet swinging tailgate ends up being plenty less handy.

Apart from this stuff, the rate tag of about $6,000 probable makes the Toyota RAV4 a bargain.

9. Volkswagen Jetta (2009-2010)

Volkswagen Jetta (2009-2010)

If you’re searching out a mixture of safety and sophistication, the Volkswagen Jetta may also very well come to be your satisfactory wager. It gives a laugh however steady experience, seats that wouldn’t make you experience uncomfortable even during long journeys (as can be the case with some different vehicles on this listing), a number of more room in the lower back, a big-sized trunk and plenty extra.

The engine comes with plenty of energy, too, however, it’s on the value of the gas financial system and numerous noise. However, in case you’re going for the diesel model, the gas economic system might not emerge as a good deal of a situation for you, as it might offer a decent 50 mpg motorway and 34 mpg universal.

Finally, the visibility, too, is very spectacular; the controls are as easy as they are able to get, and there’s a number of reliability as well. For a charge of someplace across the $8,000 mark, the Volkswagen Jetta may additionally genuinely make a very good purchase.

10. Volkswagen Rabbit/Golf (2009-2014)

Volkswagen RabbitGolf (2009-2014)

If you’re seeking out a Jetta within the body of a hatchback, the Rabbit is designed only for you. It’s dependable and useful, with the journey being fairly cushty and fun. The 2.Five-liter five-cylinder is responsive but not as effective as some others on this listing and is likewise a little hard and loud.

In 2010, the Rabbit turned into redesigned, and the Golf call again. It also came with a few extremely good upgrades, which includes an extra responsive managing, higher interior, superior front seats, as well as a better standard experience high-quality.

It’s additionally very roomy, efficient and dependable. The diesel version additionally returns an incredible fuel economy but isn’t to be had for anywhere near as cheap as the gasoline one. You can locate the fuel model priced at as much less as under $eight,000.

10 Best Safe and Reliable Used Cars for Teen Drivers Under $10,000

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