12 Best Used SUVs Under $5000

1999 Honda CR-V
There are plenty of automobile owners who are fully glad about their used motors. It means that you, as a new consumer can get a first-rate used vehicle. Keep in thoughts that the accent is on the USED car not AB-USED! In different terms, a vehicle should be nicely-maintained and with low mileage. All SUVs are typically highly-priced, so a brand new one may be out of doors the reach for you. In one’s situations, you must do not forget used SUVs. Believe or not, you’ve got a variety of cars at your disposal with superb characteristics. All of them are here and one in all them is the first-rate used SUV underneath $five,000 just for you.

1. 2002 Land Rover Discovery

2002 Land Rover Discovery

Even for less than $three,000, you could discover a first-rate Land Rover Discovery. It can be made in 2001 or 2002, with low mileage and with some optionally available extras. You can assume leather, sunroof, moonroof, permit wheels and etc. V8 engines and all-wheel drive are most appropriate and they are sincerely capable of real off-roading.

We liked this automobile and it’s miles truly the satisfactory used SUV beneath $five,000 because of the reality it appears cool and stylish. Keep in thoughts that its miles a destiny traditional. Besides the seems, it’s also a car that may take you everywhere.

2. 2002 Toyota RAV4


2002 Toyota RAV4

It may be difficult to find a low-mileage Toyota RAV4, however, it’s miles possible. Aim for the 2002-12 months version. They are extra low cost and likely to be with low mileage. Most of them are powered with the aid of 2.4L engines, with all-wheel power and automatic transmissions. The design is still attractive, regardless of the years.

The automobile is dependable, cost-effective and drives like a small sporty automobile. Besides the cramped interior, RAV4 doesn’t have any drawbacks. You will reach the total potential in city drives, in which excessive driving force’s role makes a difference. Addition: If you upload $2,000 extra, you may get a third era RAV4.

3. 2002 Volvo XC90

2002 Volvo XC90

The first generation of XC90 is one of the nice. It turned into a pioneer in the segment and known as the most secure family car. In a matter of reality, it’s far nonetheless secure and delicate. T6 petrol engine looks as if a terrific preference, but we will advise you to pick out D5. It has 5 cylinders and it’s far reasonably priced whilst supplying plenty of torque.

Most of XC90 have been used as own family motors, so test the interior for damages and etc. When it comes to engines and suspension they’re quite reliable. In addition, this SUV has 7 seats, making it realistic.

4. 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

2002 Chevrolet Tahoe is appreciated for the engines it has. Four.8L, V8 produces 275HP and it’s far known for reliability. All of them will do more than 2 hundred,000 miles without an unmarried malfunction. As such, it is certainly one of the most popular used SUVs you may have today. All-wheel drive is respectable and the ride is comfortable.

The transmission you are probably to discover is 4-gear automatic. It is obsolete but still exceptional. 13/16mpg perhaps an issue for some proprietors, however, this vehicle has eight.700 pounds towing potential, so it must burn plenty of fuel.

5. 2001 Dodge Durango

2001 Dodge Durango

What if you need an easy vehicle for normal power and low off-roading? Dodge Durango is then just proper. The v8 with 235HP comes with masses of torque and a towing potential of 4.One hundred pounds.

Fuel economy is 12/18mpg, simply to feature. Inside, you get extra space than maximum human beings really want, at the same time as the exterior is one among a kind. It isn’t possible to find a comparable vehicle!

6. 2001 Jeep Wrangler SE

2001 Jeep Wrangler SE

Why is Wrangler a wise desire? Simply as it has a design as a way to usually appearance current. We can even say that it is a timeless car. The version we stated here you could discover for much less than $4,000 with 100,000 miles on it. The all-wheel pressure, 3-tools transmission, and 14/17mpg consumption are guaranteed.

The exceptional tip we can provide you with is to purchase components (headlights, bumpers, seats, road bars, and many others.) from newer fashions and update them, making your Wrangler look more recent. This clearly works and might convey you an income once you sell it.

7. 2000 Nissan X-Trail

2000 Nissan X-Trail

Expect to find a low-mileage Nissan X-Trail of the first generation for much less than $5,000. The engine you may assume to locate is 140HP, 2.0L. Front-wheel drive is more likely as nicely. Suspension and transmissions will probably last as long as 2 hundred,000 miles without a larger difficulty. However, these cars need to be properly maintained, so continually search for a vehicle with a provider e-book.

A bit tougher would be to get a 2.2L diesel model with all-wheel power, but it is viable. Models with 70,000 miles at the clock aren’t rare and that they must be targeted first. The vehicle is comfortable, looks first-rate and reliable. Checking out 2002 and newer fashions is feasible as properly, but don’t expect to find one inside our finances.

8. 1999 Honda CR-V

1999 Honda CR-V

All Hondas are dependable, and CR-V is no one of a kind. The 146HP engine isn’t powerful and with the four-gear computerized transmission isn’t capable of offering much, but with a five-velocity guide, this turns into an amusing to force a car. CRV continually has been dealt with as a teenager’s car. It has the whole thing you could need, however nothing extra.

Fuel financial system is nineteen/23mpg, a first-rate even with the aid of nowadays’s standards. This vehicle is suitable for drivers who’re looking for reliable, cheap and low in cost all-wheel pressure, designed for minor off-roading

9. 1999 Lexus RX300

1999 Lexus RX300

First of all, RX300 is a town SUV. It isn’t successful for off-roading. But, as a comfortable and dependable vehicle, it’s miles the exceptional used SUV underneath $five,000 with extra features and snug journey. The design is exclusive than different SUVs had on the time, so we can say that it appears modern even these days.

3.0L, with 220HP, V6 is the only one to search for. The all-wheel-drive turned into a choice for those cars. Four-gear transmission, automated does the job, but don’t assume too much. Fuel economy is 17/22mpg. Like most Lexus automobiles, reliability shouldn’t be taken into account. All of them are notably reliable and durable. The major concern is the price whilst fixing a vehicle. Expect excessive payments for that.

10. 1999 GMC Yukon

1999 GMC Yukon

GMC Yukon produced in 1999 is a movie icon. It turned into offered in lots of special blockbusters and it is usually treated as a heavy-duty automobile, crashing via anything. In truth, the car you’ll be capable of manage to pay for could have 255HP, all-wheel force, and 4-tools computerized transmission. Still, it’s miles capable of moving across any terrain.

With 7.000 kilos of towing ability, quite a few functions and cushty experience, we must say that Yukon is one of the high-quality SUVs of all time. It even has ‘‘risky’’ appears that could still be as compared to more recent automobiles.

11. 1999 Ford Expedition

1999 Ford Expedition

This is the first-rate used SUV underneath $five,000 with space for nine humans in a cabin. The 1/3 row of seats may be removed, which means that a cargo area may be bigger than in most other vehicles. Chances are high you may find a V8 with 240HP. It is fairly effective and dependable.

The consolation of power is the principal gain of this car. It is easy and relaxing, regardless of how many people are in the cabin. The towing capacity is eight.000 pounds. Tip: Make certain to demand 1/3 row of a seat if they have been removed from an automobile whilst you purchase used Expedition.

12. 1998 Subaru Forester

1998 Subaru Forester

Maybe new fashions of Subaru Forester appearance more appealing, however, they will possibly be unavailable for the finances you’ve got. The fashions between 1997 and 2001 can be located. Expect 2.5L petrol engine that’s far from fuel-efficient. On the alternative hand, we have got the hazard to purchase the exceptional used SUV under $5,000 ever made. It is difficult and an enormous SUV. You won’t be able to discover an assignment too big for it.

Inside area is something that must be noted. We must upload the truth that tuned models ought to be neglected. There are many things wrong with them and they commonly price more high priced. In a case, the previous proprietor imported something from Japan, ask for proof and the right documentation.


The first-class used SUV below $five,000 on the list is the one which can meet all of your expectancies. If you need an off-roading car, Land Rover is simply ideal; if you need a city automobile, Toyota RAV4 is suitable. Anyway, in case you need something else, there is an SUV for all people.

5 Used SUVs You Should Buy


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