20 Best 7-Passenger SUVs

Lexus RXL
In order to get the maximum from your car, you’ve got to understand the features and advantages that come at the side of proudly owning it. As an end result, we’ve put together a list of the 20 high-quality 7-passenger SUVs that are in the marketplace right now! From antique ones, all the manner to new ones (as well as a plethora of various models and makes) – we’ll be looking at SUV alternatives which can be going to make your existence a good deal simpler. These are in no particular order, so simply examine them all over and make the decision as you please. Without similarly ado, permit’s get into it!

1. BMW X5 ($62,000)

BMW X5 ($62,000)

When you talk about BMW’s, there is often a steep fee associated with them. This specific model remains following that fashion, however you get loads of bang to your dollar – the cabin isn’t the biggest, but the features which are to be had to you are nothing brief of top-notch. With a chic and comfortable indoors (constructed from excessive satisfactory materials), that is an SUV that makes the trip fun. It’s extremely good on the street, handles nicely and offers 18 mpg city (with 25 mpg motorway). With a 300 horsepower engine in area, that’s pretty precise.

2. Mercedes-Benz GLS ($70,000)

Mercedes-Benz GLS ($70,000)

Yet any other highly-priced choice from the Mercedes Benz camp, that is an SUV alternative that gives up each luxury and comfort. They truly focused on pleasant in this instance, which applies in relation to each the outdoors and indoors. The outdoors is robust and assertive, however sleek; while the interior is expensive and spacious. This is likewise one of the greater effective SUVs at the list, imparting up to 577 horsepower. Acceleration received’t be an issue, and the fuel financial system is fairly correct considering the dimensions of the automobile and the engine strength.

3. Honda Pilot ($47,000)

Honda Pilot

The length of this 7-passenger SUV is what attracts a variety of shoppers in, because of this that there’s always going to be sufficient room for your passengers. The outdoor layout of this SUV become re-labored, as a way to make sure that there wasn’t a boxy appearance to it anymore. The indoors is a lot better in satisfactory, however, it may be a piece hard to move around with. With that being said, gasoline efficiency is respectable; you could expect 19 mpg metropolis and 27 mpg toll road (with 6 cylinders and a three.5l engine, with 280 horsepower).

If you need to get the pilot equipped for seven passengers, you’ll need to pass up to the Elite trim and get your self second-row bucket seats. It increases the fee tag as much as about $47K, however, it also comes with a few brought chocolates.

4. Volvo XC90 ($54,000)

Volvo XC90 ($fifty four,000)

The new Volvo is one that focuses on luxury (that’s why it’s a distinguished 7-passenger luxurious SUV), however, it is also able to present you with the important space required. The interior cabin features one of the maximum elegantly designed dashes/seating arrangements around, even though it isn’t as costly as different luxurious alternatives. There are lots of devices to account for, as well as safety functions and green fuel scores (20 mpg city and 25mpg motorway). The turbocharged engine features 316 horsepower.

5. Audi Q7 ($53,500)

.Audi Q7 ($53,500)

When you study an Audi, you can know which you’re getting an excellent version to drive on a daily foundation. When it involves the Q7, the handiest real issue comes down to space. You’ll have room for bags and the 1/3 row is appropriate for children, however, it gets quite cramped for adults. If you’re making plans on doing numerous traveling with older youngsters or adults, you would possibly need something a chunk roomier.

On the plus facet, the Audi Q7 has first-rate protection and reliability scores. Plenty of modern-day features and tech come preferred, and the indoors is very comfortable to sit down on for long durations of time.

6.  Mazda CX-9 ($32,000)

Mazda CX-9 ($32,000)

Although this SUV isn’t as large as some of the opposite alternatives, it nevertheless has enough space (and comfort) to be considered one of the greater reasonable 7-passenger SUV alternatives on the listing. Although coping with becoming an issue with older fashions, the 2019 Mazda CX-9 suggests widespread enhancements. It’s now not the maximum powerful SUV on the listing, but it yields common gas mileage for the magnificence and affords all passengers with a first-rate riding revel in.

7. Acura MDX ($44,200)

Acura MDX ($forty four,two hundred)

With a starting price of just over $44K, the Acura MDX has a rating point that sits inside the middle of this listing. It combines the luxurious and class associated with high price tags with the practicality of a cheap automobile, making it a brilliant selection for households or tour. The MDX offers a clean, quiet journey, similar to lots of standard technology. The indoors is properly-designed and contemporary, but no longer the most high-priced round. There’s only 290 horsepower gift, however, it nonetheless has lots of peps and gives some of the high-quality fuel efficiency round (23 mpg blended!).

8. Cadillac Escalade ($75,000)

cadillac Escalade ($seventy five,000)

The Cadillac Escalade is one of the maximum famous luxurious SUVs in the marketplace, that’s why you’ll by no means locate one cheap. Despite the fact that it’s an absolutely massive, the amount of available space is a long way too little. It can take care of baggage fairly well, but adults in the 1/3 row gained’t are glad. If you’re traveling with youngsters or younger teenagers, it must get the activity accomplished pretty well.

High-fine materials are used during the indoors, giving the Escalade a completely excessive-elegance sense to it. The generation blanketed within the vehicle is top-notch, and the V-eight powertrain gives you get admission to copious quantities of energy. Buyers can get pretty a chunk of fashionable features to help add to their user experience, however safety scores have remained low for years, so take that into consideration earlier than you make a decision.

9. Lexus GX ($ 52,355)

Lexus GX ($ fifty-two,355)

When it comes to a Lexus of any kind, you comprehend it’s going to be expensive. The GX excels in relation to off-road capabilities, but it’s fairly common whilst it as compared to different cars on the road. The cabin is fine and snug, however, the universal experience is a chunk dated. Other SUVs on this list have a mile extra present-day indoors, as well as a better driving, enjoy.

Although it is able to be the king of rock crawling, the Lexus GX doesn’t, in reality, have plenty else going for it. The engine is quite average and offers lackluster acceleration. The experience is quite stiff and it’s most effective in a position to drag 15 mpg within the town and 18 at the motorway. Unless you’re making plans on happening a variety of off-avenue adventures, this in all likelihood isn’t the SUV for you.

10. Nissan Armada ($47, 100)

Nissan Armada ($47, one hundred)

It’s no longer the cheapest choice to be considered, however, it’s still able to cope with your seating wishes. The Nissan Armada is considerably larger in evaluation to others, but there are numerous SUVs that offer up extra (and in most instances, higher) features. Space shouldn’t be a difficulty because it’s at the beginning designed to seat eight. You’ll to manually add 2nd-row bucket seats whilst designing the automobile so that it will hit our seating intention.

It’s very safe, however, it doesn’t provide an affordable charge of gasoline mileage. There’s 13 mpg town and 19 mpg dual carriageway available, but there’s always going to be a model that gives up higher fuel mileage. If you’re committed to purchasing a Nissan, it simply may be the version that you’re so desperately searching for. If you can stand to attend, you could as nicely check some of the alternative alternatives we’ve listed.

11. Ford Expedition ($ 63,500)

Ford Expedition ($ sixty-three, half)

The Ford Expedition is one of the highest-rated SUVs round right now. From credible resources to proprietor opinions, this massive SUV has received a ton of affection from the sector. Despite its length, the Expedition has remarkable performance thanks to its powerful dual-turbocharged V6 engine. If you need to be rolling around with seven seats, you’re going to want to look for the Limited trim, which allows you to add 2d-row bucket seats.

As a long way as luxurious goes, the indoors of the SUV comes with leather-trimmed seats, telephone charging stations inside the front and back of the vehicle, and power-reclining seats within the third row. In addition, you may additionally look ahead to lots of legroom. Whether you’re taking the children on a journey, or visiting with a car full of adults, everybody can have plenty of areas.

12. Kia Sorento ($26,290)

.Kia Sorento ($26,290)

As a midsize SUV with the highest safety scores in its magnificence, the Kia Sorento is an incredible choice for all and sundry looking to buy a sensible seven-passenger car. While most seven-passenger SUVs include a quite hefty fee tag, the Kia Sorento is one of the extra low-cost options. With a protracted list of introduced functions to browse, in addition to an extended assurance, the Sorento has become a completely famous choice for SUV consumers.

If you’re searching out upgrades, the Sorento has masses of higher-level trims to be had. All trims are designed to seat seven passengers, and while there’s lots of room for the primary and 2d row, the third row can grow to be a bit cramped for adults. This is commonplace in midsize SUVs that provide 3 rows, so in case you’re trying to travel with adults or teenagers in the returned row, you are probably better off looking for a huge SUV rather.

13. Chevy Tahoe ($58,000)

Chevy Tahoe ($58,000)

The Chevrolet Tahoe is basically the Expedition and the Sorento fused into one vehicle. It’s a large SUV, so there’s a first-rate quantity of room for all passengers, at the same time as additionally imparting top protection capabilities for its elegance. If you’re planning on doing lots of journeying, the Tahoe is one of the maximum-rated circle of relatives SUVs to be had.

The base trim for the Tahoe is strictly an eight-passenger car, however, if making a decision to upgrade to the LT trim and upload second-row bucket seats, you’re looking at a charge tag around $58,000. While everybody should have plenty of room, the 1/3-row isn’t as spacious as some other significant SUVs. If you’re planning on journeying with kids inside the back, or maybe some adults who receive

don’t whine too much, the Tahoe offers plenty of packages to make the enjoy more fun. With cushy seats, plenty of additional capabilities to look at, and a pleasant infotainment gadget, that is an SUV that everybody can revel in.

14. Toyota Highlander ($42,100)

Toyota Highlander ($42,one hundred)

The Toyota Highlander is a famous and nicely-rounded midsize SUV. Coming with solid overall performance and plenty of driving force assistance, that is a superb select, as long as you can appearance past the particularly lackluster infotainment gadget. If you don’t plan on using the infotainment gadget very regularly, otherwise you’re organized to dig through the guide to figure out the way to navigate through it effortlessly, you could get this excellent vehicle without destroying your pockets.

If you want your Highlander to seat seven, you’re going to ought to bump yourself up to the SE trim. The base trim, and all editions of it, are best capable of seating eight. If you have got the extra money and need a few added features, the SE trim gives quite a bit of customization options for the indoors. Bluetooth, voice popularity, a hint-display infotainment device, and much extra all come widespread. For a midsize SUV, the Highlander certainly presents a pretty suitable amount of area, despite the fact that you could still need to bear in mind having the smaller passengers take a niche in the 1/3 row.

15. Volkswagen Atlas ($30,895)

Volkswagen Atlas ($30,895)

The Volkswagen Atlas is any other midsize SUV that gained’t blast a hollow thru your financial savings account. First hitting the marketplace in 2018, the Atlas is already making pretty an impact on its elegance. Although it has the dimensions of a midsize SUV, its performance and handling making driving a breeze. It has pretty a piece of pep, stable safety ratings, and a remarkable guarantee to go with it.

Unlike maximum midsize SUVs, the Atlas offers up lots of space for all people. Whether you’re a grownup in the first row or the 1/3 row, you can stay up for ample legroom and chilled experience. It additionally has one of the maximum spacious shipment regions in its class, making traveling with a collection less difficult than you will have notion possible. All to be had trims seat seven, so you rece

lived to want to fear about making any special changes. If you do want to upgrade, you can make the indoors more high priced with the aid of including a few decent techs and changing the cloth upholstery with leather.

16. Lincoln Navigator ($73,205)

Lincoln Navigator ($seventy three,205)

If money is not an item, the Lincoln Navigator is one of the quality alternatives around. As a widespread SUV designed for luxurious, this vehicle will make a thirteen-hour road experience sense like a recurring power to the grocery store. With a ton of space for passengers and luggage, a respectable gasoline financial system, and high safety scores, the Navigator is looking to end up your new first-class pal.

Seating for seven comes popular, at the side of heated seats for the first and 2nd row, a clean-to-use infotainment machine, and noise manage capabilities. While the bottom trim is already pretty luxurious, you usually have the option to improve even further. If you want a reliable, spacious automobile for a whole lot of organization traveling, the Navigator will by no means disappoint you.

17.  Lexus RXL ($ 43,670)

Lexus RXL

The Lexus RX is designed to simplest seat five passengers, but deciding to bump up to the RXL will permit for seven. The RXL makes use of the identical wheelbase because the RX, however, the body gains an additional four.4 inches with a view to in shape within the 1/3 row. Like maximum midsize SUVs, you aren’t looking on the most leeway inside the global, so that you’re going to need kids sitting in the returned row.

Being a luxury SUV, the Lexus RXL gives a cushty indoors, top overall performance and managing, a protracted listing of well-known features, and proper protection and reliability rankings. If you’re planning on doing a number of journeying with the youngsters, they must be best and cushty on their leatherette upholstery. As a delivered bonus, the RXL is offered in front-wheel pressure, in addition to all-wheel force, permitting you to decide primarily based upon the climate conditions you’ll maximum probable locate yourself using in.

18. Land Rover Discovery ($56,107 )

Land Rover Discovery ($56, a hundred and seventy)

Similar to the Lexus RX, the Land Rover Discovery is capable of healthy five passengers until you spend a bit more money. The seven-seat package will tack every other $2,195 onto the base MSRP of $53,975. In addition, the Discovery has continually had underneath-average reliability ratings for its class, however, if you’re capable of look past that, this simply is an excellent SUV.

The interior of the Discovery is not handiest expensive, however, it additionally gives masses of space for passengers of all ages. You shouldn’t be hearing any lawsuits from adults sitting in the 1/3 row, and there are masses of extra cargo area available to carry your entire group’s luggage. The Discovery additionally comes with many exceptional powertrain options and stale-road skills, allowing you to take a ride to almost any vacation spot imaginable.

19. Subaru Ascent ($31,995)

Subaru Ascent ($31,995)

The Subaru Ascent is a brand-new SUV on the market and it’s Subaru’s handiest 3-row SUV to be had. While the indoors are built with outstanding substances and gives a cushty trip for passengers, the quite awkward layout doesn’t pretty scream 2019. Although it does offer plenty of current capabilities and will clearly get the task accomplished, your first impression may not be all that extraordinary.

Once you get within the car, you’ll notice lots of space to be had for the primary two rows of seating, however, it does get pretty cramped within the again for grownup passengers. Assuming you’re going to be the usage of the Ascent for the journey, there are several motive force assistance options available to make your trip a bit less difficult. With a fairly low rate factor for its magnificence and modern-day functions, the Subaru Ascent is without a doubt really worth taking a have a look at.

20. Toyota Sequoia ($48,850)

Toyota Sequoia ($48,850)

The Toyota Sequoia is definitely beginning to grow to be a chunk dated, mainly due to its lack of latest main capabilities as the model years maintain passing via, however, that doesn’t imply it’s a horrific SUV. It comes with a strong V8 and many preferred capabilities, such as motive force assistance technology that will help you on the road. Unfortunately, the infotainment system wishes to be extra modernized and the fuel economic system isn’t too splendid.

As some distance as the area is going, the Sequoia can handle pretty much whatever. All 3 rows provide enough area for adults or kids, and there’s lots of shipment area to go with it. This SUV is designed for loading up the family and getting the process accomplished.  If you’re seeking out luxury, you must pass at the Sequoia and recall a few other options on this listing.

There you have got it – a total of 20 one of a kind 7-passenger SUVs that allows you to keep in mind purchasing. Whatever you need, there are lots of different fashions and makes to examine; it’s only a remember of desire ultimately of all of it.


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