2021 Bollinger B2 First Look Electric Motor Specs

2021 Bollinger B2 First Look Electric Motor Specs

The all-new 2021 Bollinger B2 is the coming all-electric pickup truck. After the all-electric powered crossover-SUV segment, pickup vehicles also are getting into the game. Tesla Cybertruck is simply one of the models on the way to shake the automotive international. Bollinger B2 could be subsequent in line. The coming near pickup is essentially a stretched model of the B1 SUV.

It comes with a shipment bed and a totally extraordinary appearance. However, the B2 model provides outstanding versatility and performances, way to its twin-motor configuration. Even the using variety is quite proper, and Bollinger will even deliver one very sensible pickup truck. Don’t allow the advent fool you, the B2 model is a beast.

2021 Bollinger B2 Exterior Review

2021 Bollinger B2 Exterior Review

It is pretty unusual that the brand-new pickup truck appears so outdated and primitive. It is simply the manner Bollinger rolls, we guess. The upcoming 2021 Bollinger B2 functions a very conventional and conservative appearance. As we stated, it’s miles a stretched version of the B1 SUV, and it comes with a shipment mattress. On the other hand, outdoors may be very sensible. It comes with detachable and foldable outdoors functions. You can discover something comparable to the new Jeep Gladiator pickup.

The front quit comes with a “frunk,” and the hood is moreover lifted. Moreover, the decrease in tailgate is some other exciting cue from Bollinger. The front bumper is made from metal and LED headlights are provided as trendy. Still, the squarish shape looks bizarre, and some customers definitely gained’t like it at all. All-Aluminum creation is difficult, and it reduces the car’s weight, extensively. B2 pickup will experience on its mud-terrain tires, and 20-inch floor clearance is right for off-roading.

Interior Look

Interior Look

We think the interior might be a large fulfillment for a new 2021 Bollinger B2. Clearly, the manufacturer targeted on versatility as opposed to consolation. One of the highlights is a pickup’s potential to deal with 16 toes long gadgets. The indoors additionally comes with a fold-away rear wall. It is a comparable cue that you can find in Chevy Avalanche, and it’s far referred to as the “Midgate.”

Removable frame panels are every other practical characteristic. You can also do away with doorways, roof panels, and even the windshield. The list of trendy services is a long way from fantastic, and the equal stands for elective capabilities. Moreover, the listing of infotainment and connectivity tech is short. On the alternative hand, B2 gives six one hundred ten-volt shops.

2021 Bollinger B2 Powertrain Specs

2021 Bollinger B2 Powertrain SpecsThanks to its twin-motor setup, the 2021 Bollinger B2 comes with an all-wheel-power setup. Motors are established on the front and rear ends. Together, the output is rated at 614 hp and 668 lb-ft of torque. According to Bollinger, B2 will sprint from zero to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. The top velocity of 100 mph also sounds promising.

A -velocity switch case is also available, which comes on hand within the off-street adventures. Ground clearance varies from 10 to twenty inches. Moreover, the maximum towing capability of 7500 kilos. As for the battery, a 120-kWh percent is to be had, and it offers around 200 miles of driving variety. Furthermore, the battery can be charged in 10 hours through a 220-volt outlet.

The rate of the impending 2021 Bollinger B2 isn’t always respectable yet. However, many reviews are suggesting the charge of $125,000. To this date, you could reserve a brand new B2 pickup truck at the Bollinger’s internet site. Even the release date isn’t announced, but the B2 version will honestly arrive through the cease of 2020.

2021 Bollinger B2 Electric Pickup Truck First Look (No Talking)

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