8 Best Cheap AWD Cars We Can Buy Now Or Next Year

2017 Nissan Rogue Sport ($22,400)
Small motors with AWD are unique. They observe the fashion Fiat Panda set in the 80s and ever seeing that they provide a combination of practicality, a laugh power, and respectable off-street abilities. Cheap AWD automobiles are not rare! In a rely on reality, we have masses of them. Because they all offer precisely what we’ve just cited, generating a listing of nice eight models is tough, but we can control it.

1. 2017 Nissan Juke ($20,200)

2017 Nissan Juke ($20,2 hundred)

The automobile in the query is like no other, visually and routinely. Obviously, at the primary sight, maximum humans will recognize why we said it is special. But, at the moment we’re involved in to secret variations of the auto. The strength starts at 188HP for you to reach 28/32mpg. This the access-degree version. There are Nismo and Nismo RS variations, which can be below $30,000. All-wheel pressure is clever and sophisticated due to the structures which were reserved for greater steeply-priced models.

One of the exciting gadgets is Integrated Control (I-CON), referred to as a sports activities mode gadget. It is reserved while a motive force wishes all the electricity and complete competencies of Juke. The driving experience is then advanced by way of the torque vectoring mechanism. In essence, the computer determines which wheel desires the most power whilst cornering. The end result is quicker cornering in any respect situations. Addition: Nismo RS comes with 215HP, sports activities exhaust, and brakes.

2. 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ($20, 700)

2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ($20, six hundred)

Yes, well-known Mitsubishi Outlander is one of the cheapest vehicles with all-wheel force. Interestingly, it’s miles one of the cheapest automobiles right here, however, the new, Sport version doesn’t seem cheap. A 2.0L engine will supply 148HP, while the 2.4L engine can provide 168HP. Both can be obtained with front or all-wheel pressure and with the CVT transmission. Even the fundamental model achieves 130mph, 0-60mph time in 8. Three seconds and will do 24/31mpg.

The fashionable Outlander may be to be had available on the market within the fall of the year, however, the Sport model will hit the marketplace in 2018. It brings trendy upgrades regarding the cited engines, indoor upgrades and aid for Android and Apple audio. For folks who in no way appreciated the significant console, Sport unit comes with a fully redesigned dashboard and gear knob. According to the first assessments, the 2018 car gives large enhancements of the chassis and suspension.

3. 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport ($22,400)

2017 Nissan Rogue Sport ($22,400)

Nissan Rogue proved that SUVs can be less expensive. However, the Sport version launched the declare on a totally new degree. Thanks to it, we’ve one in all cheap AWD cars that’s just right. Keep in mind that the Sport version is one foot shorter than its cousin, Rogue version! The engine is 141HP, 2.0L and it makes use of CVT transmission. Isn’t something we opt for with regards to AWD motors, but exceedingly the transmission is above the common.

Satellite radio, navigation, rear-view digicam, and Bluetooth are preferred functions. But, for the 7-inch infotainment gadget, you may prepare extra money. The important advantages of the automobile are practicality, exciting layout, and cushty trip. Drawbacks are artificial steerage and out of date infotainment devices. Even the most expensive version (SL) is $27,500. More than just a reasonably-priced car!

4. 2017 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross ($23,000)

2017 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross ($23,000)

How many of you have heard or maybe personal a Suzuki SX4? It has been one of the small cars with passion, interesting force, or even great off-street competencies. The 2017 year version is even higher. You get all-new engines, 1. Four or 1.0L Boosterjet engines. Both are not pricey, each may be paired with 6-gears manual transmission or with CVT and each use peril. Additionally, the 1.6L diesel engine is available. The new suspension is virtually far better than the preceding model, making the entire vehicle extra snug, presenting higher handling and it even has an effect on off-roading. Of path, the All-Grip machine which transfers energy to all four wheels is the fine alternative.

When it involves protection functions, SX4 is state-of-the-art and advanced. With extra luxurious trims, proprietors get adaptive cruise manage, emergency braking, airbags and so forth. Overall, this is a good-looking small SUV that can be used as a metropolis automobile.

5. 2017 Subaru Forester ($23,500)

2017 Subaru Forester ($23,500)

Subaru Forester is one of the pleasant-regarded own family vehicles ever. It is dependable, practical and with AWD it’s far more than just capable of defeating even the toughest hills. The powertrain is more targeted on gasoline efficiency than on electricity. We have a 2.5L engine with 170HP, or a more effective 2.0L, a faster unit with 250HP. The engines are flat-four with 6-tools manual transmission or CVT. The thing is, if you are looking for a vehicle to pressure off-road, a manual transmission is a miles better preference!

Inside, owners and passengers will experience a 7-inch touchscreen, plenty of area and comfort. EyeSight system, which affords computerized braking in a case of emergencies, line departure, and adaptive cruise manipulate is available as nicely. The most cost-efficient engine will reap 23/28 mpg, even when paired with AWD. Addition: Front-wheel power version is to be had as nicely.

6. 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer ($23,600)

2017 Mitsubishi Lancer ($23,600)

Lancer has been among us for some a long time and each new model brought us plenty of improvements. The latest version doesn’t percentage the identical ardor, but it’s miles nevertheless one of the first-rate, most inexpensive vehicles with all-wheel power. 148HP is widespread, however, the 168HP engine is optionally available. All variations come with a rear-view digital camera as standard, however, the SEL trim comes with leather and windscreen wipers sensitive to teach.

This vehicle has a huge potential for tuning and it changed into born within the world of rallying, so we clearly adore it. Chances are excessive all of you will like and recognize this vehicle as nicely.

7. 2017 Jeep Compass Trailhawk ($30,000)

2017 Jeep Compass Trailhawk ($30,000)

Compass is considered one of the cheap AWD cars however it’s miles some distance from the most inexpensive. There is a perfectly desirable reason for that. The 2017 version gives better off-street abilities than almost all competitor fashions. It additionally seems higher than most of them. The engine is a 180HP, 2.4L unit which could send electricity to the front or all wheels. Transmissions are rather attractive. Buyers can select between 6-speed guide or automated, however, the 9-speed computerized is available as nicely.

Inside, the car is extraordinarily snug and spacious. It has a first-rate sales space and the capabilities are barely higher than you could get with other cars from the list. Overall, this version is extra appropriate for off-roading than for sporty or fun force.

8. 2017 Kia Sportage ($34,800)

2017 Kia Sportage ($34,800)

Maybe it sounds strange to look Kia because the most high priced vehicle at the listing, but really, Sportage is a remarkable vehicle with attention to information. The interior and outdoors are advanced, well-made and loaded with clever capabilities. All-wheel force is respectable, even as the consolation is above average.

Engines consist of 180HP units, which is enough, but the SX Turbo version is just proper. It is more powerful than rival fashions and it offers plenty of torque. It is an all-new 2.0L, 240HP unit. Android Auto, Apple Car Play, emergency braking, and infotainment structures are to be had. The premium model will price you $35,000.


Cheap AWD motors may be realistic, a laugh to pressure and loaded with smart features, all of which we proved with the first-rate eight models to be had today. Regardless of which you pick, expect to revel in driving it for a long time.

Budget AWD Traction – These Are The Top 10 Cheapest All-Wheel-Drive Cars You Can Buy!


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