Top 10 Most Expensive SUVs for 2017

Lexus LX-570
SUV is exceedingly famous at this second. According to numerous surveys and researches, they may be even more popular inside the close to destiny. However, all SUVs have one aspect in not unusual. They are high priced. Some of them are greater high-priced than the others, however, in any case, their charges are a great deal higher, compared with normal motors. For that rate, you may get luxury, sporty performances and exclusivity. Simply said, if you want these things, you will pay for them.

1. Bentley Bentayga ($231,825)

Bentley Bentayga

This model may be available this 12 months. It is going to be the maximum expensive SUV in the world, really due to the fact it is the first Bentley SUV. The engines will vary among V8, hybrid and 12 cylinders. Other performances are not known, however, the layout and the interior provide the highest stage of luxury and best the excellent materials were used in the manufacturing.

2. Land Rover Range Rover ($200,000)

Land Rover Range Rover

Land Rover Range Rover is the maximum high priced SUV in early 2017. The engine is V8 and it is generating 550 HP, which is greater than enough. Even higher, it’s far paired with 8 gear transmission (automatic). The layout is probably one of the pleasant, with regards to SUV vehicles. On the other facet, due to excessive fees, is it unlikely that you will see a variety of these on an avenue.

3. Mercedes-Benz G-Class ($137,000)

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

This version changed into and it still is one of the maximum luxurious SUVs globally. It has been made for decades, every model is better than the preceding one. In addition, there are some variations that can be greater pricey, because of the reality they come with extra features. The AMG version comes with a 5.Five L V8, generating 536 HP. This version may be used as an actual off-street automobile. Thanks to excessive clearance and stale-street capabilities. The sporty performances are some other, top-notch aspects approximately this model. In truth, it may be pushed on a song, and it will be faster than maximum sports automobiles.

4. Mercedes-Benz AMG GL ($121,000)

Mercedes-Benz AMG GL

Mercedes-Benz AMG GL is a comparable version to the aforementioned G elegance. Although they don’t look identical, the engine and performances are similar, nearly the same. On the opposite facet, the design is completely distinct. This version comes with AMG, track up the engine, producing 550 HP, so it is considered one of fastest SUV in the marketplace. On the opposite facet, this may be a real family vehicle, because of the truth it has enough room and it’s far practical. However, actual off-avenue pressure isn’t the strongest facet of this version.

5. Land Rover Range Rover Sport ($121,000)

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Land Rover Range Rover Sport is considered one of uncommon SUV that truly combines off-avenue abilities with awesome performances. As the quit end result, that is a sports SUV that may be pushed off-street or on a tune. The engine is V8, generating 550 HP, so it has more energy than maximum drivers really want. Another, excellent side of this SUV is the layout. It appears specific and sparkling, so it is a not unusual choice of more youthful humans. In addition, this isn’t a few huge SUVs. It has medium dimensions which makes it a perfect desire for city use.

6. BMW X6 M ($103,000)


The X6 M isn’t the ordinary SUV. This version comes with a 4.4L engine and 567 HP, so it is faster than maximum sports motors, to be had on the market. The acceleration is one of the best you could get as properly, so that is an actual game car. On the alternative facet, the off-avenue abilities are not excellent and that is handled as a city or a tracked automobile.

7. Cadillac Escalade ESV ($95,000)

Cadillac Escalade ESV

This is a luxury SUV designed and constructed in the United States. As similar fashions, made inside the same us of this SUV comes with the best stage of luxury, massive dimensions, and terrific practicality. On the other aspect, the engine is 6.2L, V8, generating 420HP, so it isn’t very within your budget. Due to huge dimensions, this version isn’t a great preference in relation to city using. However, it’s far one of the high-quality selections for long trips. Keep in mind that for this charge, you get one of the fine-looking SUV available in the marketplace. It additionally comes with fantastic and cutting-edge capabilities, so it’s miles a perfect choice if that is critical for you.

8. Infiniti QX80 ($89,000)

Infiniti QX80

If you’re looking for an SUV that looks a hundred% precise, this version is perfect for you., the layout looks a piece vintage, notwithstanding the fact this is a brand new model, however, this makes it stick out from the crowd. Under the bonnet is 5.6L, V8, producing 400HP. It is paired with 7 gears transmission. All brand new capabilities are supported, so this SUV is amusing to pressure. In addition, the indoors is one of the best you could get, so the level of luxurious is at the highest degree.

9. Lexus LX-570 ($83,000)

Lexus LX-570

Lexus is a well-known vehicle organization that makes wonderful automobiles. In this case, they made one of the nice SUV models, to be had available on the market. It has five.7L engines, with 383 HP. Other features are dazzling as properly. The rate may be very excessive, so this model is dealt with as one of the most pricey SUVs on earth.

10. Toyota Land Cruiser ($80,000)

Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser is a mythical SUV, capable of staggering off-road skills. It has been made for the long term, but the first models are nevertheless used in some elements of the arena. In addition, this version is continuously chosen as one of the safest motors, so it’s been selected through maximum world leaders and businessmen. The new model comes with five.7L engines, producing 381 HP. It isn’t the maximum powerful SUV, but it’s far one of the most popular, so it’s miles handled as a secure desire.

Top 10 Most Expensive SUVs in the world 2016

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