Used Car Sales Rise and the Impact on Extended Warranties Heading into 2018

Used Car Sales Rise and the Impact on Extended Warranties Heading into 2018
Used Car Sales Rise and the Impact on Extended Warranties Heading into 2018 
2017 proved to be a captivating yr in the car enterprise. Amongst the monetary climate, political uncertainty and the Government’s statement of a 2040 ban on petrol and diesel motors, the sale of the latest motors plummeted notably. In truth, new car sales fell for the first time in six years with diesel sales falling by way of nearly one-5th.


The determine changed into down five.7% from 2016, which shows a lack of consumer self-assurance that is predicted to carry on into 2018. So, what approximately used vehicles? Used automobile sales outperformed new cars in 2017 and that is because they may be a smaller and consequently much more secure investment. Until there is readability over clean air plans and the financial system improves, it seems probable that motorists will maintain to save in the used automobile marketplace.


This has additionally had an interesting impact on car warranties. When a motorist buys a new car they advantage from a manufacturer’s assurance (normally 3 years), for you to cover the value of elements and labor for mechanical or electric faults. Now that greater motorists are entering the used vehicle market and looking at vehicles without an assurance, it way that they need to purchase a prolonged automobile guarantee.

Extended Warranties

An extended warranty may be organized (usually) for 1, 2 or 3 years and could cowl mechanical and electrical faults. Many warranties also have extra features like restoration prices, automobile lease, and diagnostics. There are terms with prolonged warranties, however, with older vehicles costing greater to cowl as they may be deemed a better risk. As a result of this, a growing amount of motorists need to train themselves on car warranty pricing when looking for a used car.


It is in all likelihood that during 2018 used automobile sales will continue to carry out, but we are also in all likelihood to look motorists opt for higher and newer used cars instead of older motors. In addition to being extra attractive and low-budget, these newer used motors may even help motorist’s savings with the aid of putting off a less expensive prolonged vehicle guarantee. The different possibility is that motorists will purchase a lot of older used cars however now not take out a prolonged assurance. This can be a big risk, as they could be overlooked of pocket if the auto has been to come upon any troubles as they can be steeply-priced to repair.

The first-rate answer is to acquire a prolonged guarantee from an expert company. This is so you can reap flexible and handy cover with fewer exclusions. In addition to this, prolonged assurance specialists are high-quality value for cash with warranties for 1, 2 or three years to be had. In phrases of used automobiles, it’s far higher to choose newer vehicles due to the fact they are greater dependable and less possible to break down. On pinnacle of this, they may be additionally extra green and this is crucial in a time with such awareness on green riding.

The income of the latest automobile income in 2017 is a mirrored image of the public’s uncertainty over the future each politically and because of the Government’s proposed 2040 ban on petrol and diesel. The used car market, in the meantime, continues to perform properly which means that that there has additionally been an upward push in extended warranties, however, the public needs to don’t forget the fee of warranties while searching for used motors in 2018 and in which to gain them from.

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